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Dante a Casa

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Grilled scallops 16
Creamed cod with croutons 16
Ikejime red tuna tartare 20
Raw seafood tasting 38
Raw scampi (5 pcs) 15
Beef Tartare (Fassona beef) 15
Fried sbrise with Monte Veronese DOP fondue 14


Ravioli with shrimps and scallops, pea cream and saffron 18
Paccheri with asparagus, scallops and crispy bacon 18
Risotto with spring herbs and Robiola di Roccaverano (min.2) 18
Tagliatelle with goose and foie gras 18


Baccalà alla vicentina 20
Fish & Chips: sturgeon and courgette flowers 25
Catalana of shellfish and molluscs 25
Fried calamari, prawns and sardines 26
Sea bass steak and spring vegetables 22
Catch of the day 6.5 / hg
Pork cheek braised at low temperature and potato cream 18


Pistachio cheesecake 8
Patient 9
Tiramisu espresso 7
Fruit crumble and cream 7