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Dante a Casa

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My land

La Granda Piedmontese Fassona battuta
Bigoli with duck sauce
Dessert of your choice ↓


Bis di Baccalà creamed with
croutons and grilled scallops
Fish and asparagus pie
Dessert of your choice ↓

The unusual

Bluefin tuna tartare (ikejime)
Fish & Chips: spatula fish and vegetables
Dessert of your choice ↓

The sea

Bluefin tuna tartare (ikejime)
Raw red prawns
Catalana of shellfish and molluscs
Dessert of your choice ↓


Grilled scallops 12
Gransoporo with rosemary butter 15
Creamed cod with croutons 12
Fried cuttlefish with Jerusalem artichoke cream 14
Bluefin tuna tartare (ikejime) 20
Raw seafood 28
Raw scampi (5 pcs) 15
Beef Tartare (Fassona beef) 14
Fried porcini and polenta with Monte Veronese DOP fondue 13


Fusilloni with crab, datterini and chives 14
Fish and asparagus pie 12
Calamarata, scallops and chanterelles 14
Pistachio shellfish ravioli 14
Ravioli with cheese and pepper with porcini mushrooms 13


Baccalà alla vicentina 18
Fish & Chips: spatula fish and vegetables 19
Catalana of shellfish and molluscs 22
Fried calamari, prawns and sardines 16
Fillet of turbot with sautéed vegetables 19
Catch of the day 4,5 / hg
Venetian liver 14


Raspberry cheesecake 5
Mont Blanc 5
Tiramisu espresso 5
Tart with figs and vanilla cream 5
Millefeuille with cream and chocolate 5