Menu & Wines

Menu and Wine List

Local products and typical dishes with traditional recipes. In the center of Padua.


Grilled scallops 16
Creamed cod with crunchy polenta 18
Special Breton-style oysters au gratin (gauge 0) 22
Prawns and sardines in saor 16
Bluefin tuna tartare and black summer truffle 23
Raw seafood tasting 40
(red prawns, scampi, prawns, mantis shrimp, scallops, scallops,

Ikejime red tuna tartare, sea bass carpaccio, special oyster)
special oyster (depending on the market) 6 each.
Caviar and salted butter from Normandy (Calvisius Oscietra 10g) 40
Cantabrian anchovies, Brillat Savarin and Altamura bread 16
Goose foie gras, pan brioche and jam 22
Paleta de Bellota Ibérico Red Seal 18
Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers 15


Cold spaghettini with scampi tartare and caviar 22
Frègula mussels, saffron and goat cheese 18
Tagliolini with lobster 24
Shrimp and chanterelle risotto 22
Burrata ravioli, pesto and tomato concasse 16
Tagliatelle with rabbit ragout and black summer truffle 18


Smoked octopus, pesto, burrata, tomato and Altamura bread 25
Baccalà alla vicentina 22
Fish & Chips: lobster and courgette flowers 30
Shellfish Catalana 28
Fried scampi, squid, prawns and sardines 26
Catch of the day 7 / hg
Crispy lamb chops and caponata 25
Sliced ​​beef tenderloin with black summer truffle and baked potatoes 28


Tiramisu espresso 7
White chocolate, raspberry and blueberry meringue 9
Pistachio crème brûlée 7
Strawberry cheesecake 8
Zuppa inglese (Italian Trifle) 7
Sorbets 6