Menu and Wine List

Local products and typical dishes with traditional recipes. In the center of Padua.


Grilled scallops 15
Creamed cod with crunchy polenta 14
Fried zotoi (small cuttlefish) and Jerusalem artichoke cream 16
Butter sauteed spider crab with rosemary 18
Amberjack and hazelnut tartare 18
Tuna roast beef with black summer truffle 18
Raw seafood 30
Cantabrian anchovies, burrata and Altamura bread 13
Beef Tartare (Fassona beef) 15
Veneto PDO ham and buffalo mozzarella 14
Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers 12


Spaghetti with clams and bottarga 16
Calamarata pesto, burrata and scampi 18
Cold black noodles with red prawn tartare 18
Pistachio shellfish ravioli 16
Risotto with scallops and black summer truffle 18
Maccheroncini with meat sauce from the Paduan court 14
Gazpacho stracciatella and Cantabrian anchovies 14


Fish & Chips: spatula fish and summer vegetables 20
Smoked octopus 18
Baccalà alla vicentina 20
Catalana of shellfish and molluscs 25
Fried scampi, squid, prawns and sardines 22
Fillet of red corba and caponatina 25
Catch of the day 6 / hg
Venetian liver 16
Sliced ​​beef and baked potatoes 20


Meringue with mango and passion fruit 7
Tiramisu espresso 7
Hazelnut crème brûlée 7
Pistachio semifreddo 7
Strawberry Cheese Cake 7
Zuppa inglese (Italian Trifle) 7
Sorbets 5